Do you believe in magic? I hope so. I do, but only in God’s magic.

When I was 9 years old I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. God’s plan had already been put in place. My family had recently moved from Britain to the U.S. and God had placed us 100 miles from the center of excellence for my particular diagnosis. With much prayer and faith I have survived for the pat 20 years. With His help, guidance and strength, I have learned to overcome or have learned to live with, many of the consequences of my illness and the toxic, but life saving treatments. I hope and pray that I also use this unusual blessing for His good. Praise God!

During my long treatment my parents bought me a children’s magic kit to keep me occupied…big mistake!!! I found my passion and practiced it on any unsuspecting victim I could find for many years. This I am sure you will appreciate, is not particularly easy as I lost my sight and most of my hearing as a result of my tumor and treatment.

I have spent many years perfecting this craft and now enjoy sharing this gift. I perform in a variety of settings in Phoenix, Arizona but I particularly enjoy ‘giving back’ to organizations such as Hope Kids, Ronal McDonald Houses, and Phoenix Children’s Camp Rainbow for children with terminal conditions.

I hope you too enjoy my performances.

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